Who I am:

About me

My name is Ross Andrews. I'm just this guy, you know? I'm a programmer, both for fun and profit.

I don't really specialize in anything, just whatever I find interesting at the moment.

About this site

My site is a simple dumping ground for my unfinished, or barely usable toy projects. As a hobby I make puzzle games, toys, and other software, and post them here.

How to contact me

  • Email:
  • IM: ICQ #4580624
  • Twitter: @rbandrews
  • Phone: Send me an email first. It goes to my phone too.

Me elsewhere on the web:

Other sections of this site

  • Wiki

    Occasionally I write essays about programming or game design. They end up here.

  • Game Database

    A project for my final class in databases in college. Not very impressive, but he wanted me to leave it up, so here it is.

  • Phone Pictures

    Pictures I took with my old phone, circa 2005-2006.

  • Things

    A dumping ground for random files I upload. Some are awesome, some are bizarre, all are disorganized.

What I've done:

My other sites:


    Like sticky notes, but for the web. Written in ExtJS and Ruby on Rails.

Web and Javascript toys


  • Cleaner

    A nice tool for organizing messy files. Written in Ruby.

  • Cartographer

    A Java library to make games with tile-based maps. I used it to make most of the Java games on this site.

Java apps

Things you can download and play
  • Volcano

    A network multiplayer version of Volcano (a Looney Labs board game).

  • Xe Queo!

    Another board game clone, this time of a bluffing game.


Most of these aren't very good. A lot of unfinished junk here.
  • Take It Easy!

    A solitaire version of a board game called Take It Easy.